Our Story

We met at Locomotion's, a bar in downtown in Indy's Union Station,  October 1987
We were a happy couple, Deb always had a smile on her face.  I and everyone who knew her will miss her forever.

Our first picture as a young couple.  One of our first dates.  We were on our way to Greg & Becky McLears' wedding
We took vacations together
We're inside Hoover Dam

We partied with her friends.....

And mine.

I took her to Europe in 1993 - and proposed at the Eiffle Tower in Paris, France!
Beautiful at night

Under the tower with engagement ring.  Still in shock!

We were married June 11, 1994 at the Shelbyville Elks Lodge

My family

Right to left:
Me, Deb, Bob Chambers (bro in law), My sister Judith and her daughter Audrey, Elaine (Mom), Frank (Dad), Rachel and Bruce (my brother)

And Debs parents E.I. and Harry Smith

Deb's younger sister Trudy